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Meet, learn, discover and experience all things Engineering and ACMV & R

The region's must-attend event for engineering and ACMV & R development

ENGINEER and MARVEX is the region must-attend event for engineering and ACMV & R development. In four power-packed days, the event will showcase the industry’s best technology, open doors to regional business collaborations, drive change through important dialogues with industry changemakers and dive into the most current and impactful issues facing the industry with some truly inspiring speakers.


Experience the latest in engineering and ACMV & R that makes the future smarter, better and cleaner

Leading manufacturers and suppliers in this region will showcase their latest products, solutions and technologies, demonstrate what is new and innovative and answer all of your burning questions!

Business & industry Talks

Expand your industry knowledge at our BEM CPD applicable talks

Attend business and industry talks by engineering and ACMV & R industry experts and leading manufacturers. Covering all things, from the future of engineering such as renewable energy, sustainability, IR 4.0, smart city solutions to exclusive insights on best practices, policies and current trends.

Symposiums & Conferences

Learn from a series of IEM symposiums led by key industry leaders

Dive into the most current and impactful topics on electrotechnical, mechanical engineering, water resources and more with speakers from leading, internationally recognised organisations. Gain invaluable insights and actionable takeaways from key opinion leaders shaping and re-inventing the future of engineering.

Engineering the future

Driving the ESG agenda within ASEAN

With ESG topping the business agenda, ENGINEER and MARVEX strives to offer a platform to drive the movement and heed Environmental, Social and Governance challenges, and exchange dialogues on solutions to solve global issues that could potentially plague the future generation. The exhibitions will seek to drive important conversations and highlight on the ESG agenda based on five pillars:


All life on Earth depends on the environment and the natural resources that come from it. We need to interact with our environment in a way that ensures there will be enough resources for us and for generations to come. This pillar will cover the areas of Environment, Water, Net-zero Energy, and Climate Change / Natural Disaster.


For positive outcomes on the global economy and development, the transition of energy and its required materials and infrastructures ought to be abundant, affordable, secure and efficient. This pillar will cover the areas of RE/EE, Smart Grid, and Smart Power Energy.


Engineering affects almost every aspect of our society and its integration significantly contributes to our safety, and quality of living space. Which means linking social outcomes with the planning, design and use of infrastructure to reduce adverse impacts. This pillar will cover the areas of Society, Smart Building and Infrastructure, and Air Quality (Indoor and Outdoor).

Emerging Technology

From digital twins to artificial intelligence (AI), robots, IoT, and data management and analytics, these technologies enable and influences the delivery of trusted, net zero, and circular engineering and ACMV & R solutions. This pillar will cover the areas of Automation, IoT, Robotics, and Digitalisation.


Measures for global environment and social issues can only be successfully tackled if it’s sustainable across multiple generations of professionals. Educational technologies, learning blueprints, and skills development are critical to foster the next-generation of engineers and ACMV & R professionals. This pillar will cover the areas of Future Engineers, Safety and Health, Career Upskilling, and Professional Development.

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A place to meet, learn, discover and experience all things engineering and ACMV & R.


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