Yes open day, an eye opener for young engineers

Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) Young Engineer Section’s (YES) open day has been an edifying session for engineering students, as they are exposed to the career expectations by meeting with prospective employers as well as a sharing session by established engineers.

Speaking to a pair of third year electrical & electronic engineering students from UoW Malaysia they found the session to be very insightful for the transition to working life.

“The sharing session by the established engineers have provided me with valuable insight on how to start my career as well as how I should develop a two, five or ten-year plans for my future,” said Yogitha Dantuluri.

Her friend and classmate, Cynthia Tay also found the meeting with engineering companies to be very helpful as she is able to find out about internship programmes offered by prospective employers as well as their skills expectations.

“For my career, I hoped to be in the energy sector as I find the transition into the renewable sector to be very exciting. 

Similarly, Yashodini Vasudevan, an electrical and electronic engineering graduate from University of Manchester, who had just finished her internship program, sees the open day as beneficial.

“The open day, especially meeting with the companies, has been insightful as I could find out what they are doing and what opportunities are available.

For the companies, the open day is a good avenue for them to scout for engineering talent.

Stream Industries Business Development Manager Ng Sing Chew found the response by the students to be encouraging. “We have received a number of their resumes today and will be looking forward to welcoming new talent into our company,” he said.

For their automated waste collection system, they are looking for engineers from electrical, chemical and automation disciplines. With finding talent, Ng acknowledged that it is a tough and challenging market.

Similarly, Terasaki Electric (M) Sdn Bhd’s Senior Sales Executive Mohamad Asyqal Othman stated they are on a lookout for interns and full-time employees.

“This is a good opportunity to meet with the students. From today’s session, we have managed to secure over 10-15 resumes.”

During the sharing segment of the open day, Kuugan Thangarajoo, -a Hub Manager for Lazada Logistics with an engineering background- advised engineering students and would-be engineers to hone their soft skills. 

“The industry is looking at your soft skills; your presentation and interpersonal skills which would help with project management, these soft skills will help you with your day-to-day life as an engineer.”