Technology that gives you clean, crisp air at MARVEX

AAF lets you take a breath of fresh air, indoors

AAF, top-notch air filtration manufacturer, presents the AstroCube, a Fresh Air Unit that brings in clean fresh air from outdoor and dilutes its CO2 level to prevent fatigue among occupants.  Its energy saving heat recovery system pre-treats the hot air to moderate its temperature according to the indoor cool temperature, so the fresh air that comes in will be maintained and won’t affect the indoor air temperature.

AAF is also here to promote its three different grades of air filters – EPA, HEPA and ULPA – to cater to the various air-filtration needs; its chemical filtration effectively removes odour and chemical gasses in the environment. This feature is particularly important in the semiconductor industry, where specific chemical gasses can corrode the chip. 

Visit Camfil to see how a Clean Room operates

Global leader in air filtration system, Camfil brings a real-life clean room to MARVEX. Check out how the air-filters work in an actual clean room environment, where no particles and no gasses exist.

Suitable for industries with zero-tolerance for potentially damaging air particles and harmful gasses, such as in a semiconductor industry, the Camfil Clean Room uses HEPA filters with the capability to filter out 99.99% of air-borne particles. Camfil is a leading producer of air filters, carbon filters and molecular filters for many sectors like hospitals, gas turbines, semiconductors, life sciences and libraries among many others. Camfil is also proudly presenting its air purifiers suitable for use in offices and public building. Visit them at Hall 2 to find out more.

Cerafusion Sterilization Technology leverages the magic of nature to bring you clean air

Medklinn presents its patented Cerafusion Sterilization Technology which is designed to tap into nature’s own Active Oxygen production methodology to purify indoor spaces. Active Oxygen takes out viruses and bacteria by breaking down cell walls and harming viral DNA/RNA. It also tackles VOCs like cancer-causing formaldehyde and neutralises allergens, including dust mite allergens so we can all breathe easy.

This patented technology has been tried and tested in a German Federal government funded study, which revealed its success in reducing the viral load by 99.97% within 30 minutes of exposure.