Sustainature: Meeting sustainability goals in a click

Looking for an efficient ESG data management platform? Head to the ESG Zone to find out more about Sustainature, by Allied Environmental Consultants (AEC) Malaysia – an innovative cloud-based ESG management platform that collects and records information from various business units for analysis.

AEC is set to transform ESG discipline with internet intelligence tracking, big data monitoring, and peer analysis. Sustainature offers a user-centric approach to collecting, managing, and disclosing ESG data so that businesses can track, search, and analyse the data swiftly. It also includes target-setting and progress tracking for ambitious net-zero goals. Sustainature’s user-friendly interface and data-driven insights promote a greener, more responsible business landscape.

The cloud-based platform promises unparalleled efficiency for engineers, architects, urban planners and developers looking for sustainable and innovative solutions. Jump on board the urban renewal initiative, improve the built environment performance and meet your net-zero goals. The future of ESG is digital!

Stay ahead in the ESG game. Head to the ESG Zone and meet AEC with its diverse line-up of green solutions that will help you boost your ESG performance.