Advancing Safety Practices: SES 2023 Symposium by IEM

The Safety in Engineering Symposium 2023 (SES 2023) presented participants with real-world case studies featuring safety success and failures to learn from. In light of the escalating safety incidents in our country, this symposium offers a golden opportunity for safety professionals such as safety officers, supervisors, developers, contractors, and design engineers to enhance their understanding of the latest safety practices and engineering technologies. Participants also had the opportunity to network with professionals from various safety-related backgrounds, fostering the exchange of ideas and experiences. Additionally, they gained access to resources and tools that improve safety in their respective workplaces, thus promoting awareness of safety regulations and standards in our nation.

SES 2023 is a symposium from IEM that focuses on different aspects in safety engineering, such as OSHCIM, chemical management, safety in TBM construction, temporary work structures, and asbestos.