Regional business networking and knowledge-sharing at ENGINEER

ENGINEER hosted three key regional business meets that brought together the engineering fraternity towards the common goal of advancing the industry, cementing its role as gateway to business in the ASEAN region. 

The ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisation (AFEO) held The AFEO Networking Session – Sembang Chillex Regional, which brought together representatives from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines to share their experience and knowledge on the mobility of engineers. 

A career talk and networking event for Indonesian engineers in Malaysia was also held at ENGINEER to give engineers the chance to network and explore opportunities for professional recognition and membership. 

Additionally, the AER, AAE and APEC International Professional Engineer certificate presentation ceremony was held at ENGINEER. The event saw 18 engineers receiving their ASEAN Engineer (AE), Associate ASEAN Engineer (AAE) and APEC/International professional engineer medals. The medals were presented by Ir. Yau Chau Fong, the AER and Ir Dr.Siti Hawa Hamzah, Country Registrar, Malaysia.