Promat: The fire protection experts committed to sustainability

Promat is the go-to global authority in passive fire protection and high-performance insulation. The brand is all about decarbonisation and adherence to ESG principles. Every Promat offering undergoes stringent testing and certification, adhering closely to local regulatory standards. Solutions to fireproofing and thermal challenges is the brand’s primary feature, but Promat, a member of the Etex Group had focused its R&D and innovation on enhancing sustainability, minimising waste, and reducing carbon emissions.

By aligning with the right building standards, this fire-safety company has come up with solutions that actively contribute to carbon emission reduction in built environments. Their highly durable, long-lasting products align with circularity principles, appealing to construction professionals – engineers, architects, contractors, and applicators striving for sustainable, compliant, and safe buildings. As retrofitting exercises intensify, Promat offers the perfect solution for an eco-friendly, passive fire protection.

They are here at the ESG Zone! Meet them to learn how sustainable fire-protection can enhance your green credits while keeping buildings and people safe.