Malaysian Photovoltaic Association (MPIA) sees exciting times ahead

MPIA sees incoming government policy such as the New Energy Transition Roadmap (NETR) and national economic development plans to translate into a fast and interesting phase for the sector.

“As far as solar is concerned, Malaysia is positioned nicely and these incoming policies will encourage more engagement,” said the association’s secretary, Lionel Yap.

“Right now, we are looking at new business models with the opening up of borders with the energy exchange announced by the government.”

He said this will have a knock on and spillover effect will go further than what the industry is involved in which makes for an exciting development.

At the ENGINEER & MARVEX 2023, Yap stated there has been many questions on whether the Malaysian photovoltaic sector is involved in Big Data, Cloud, IR 4.0? To which the answer is yes and more, the industry is involved in all of the buzzwords you can think of.

“Our industry is such that the dynamics that are involved requires us to engage in all these technologies that are available.

Given the present situation and what has been implemented by the government, he believes this marks a good step forward and the industry is in a place to make a difference not only in the industry but the economy as a whole.

The exhibition as a whole has been very encouraging as there are a lot of enquiries regarding training and the state of the industry and its direction.

“Opportunities like this to have a booth at the show have been beneficial for us. You should come if you haven’t turned up yet.”