Looking for that extra protection for your next project? Check out these products at ENGINEER & MARVEX 2023

Get extra protect with Nippon Paint water-based offerings

In light of the heightened the Covid-19 pandemic, Nippon Paint water-based anti-viral anti-bacterial paint will safeguard against worries possible vectors. Taking it one step further, the product is also formulated its product to protect against other common viruses such as H1N1 and foot & mouth disease.

In addition, the odourless paint water-based paint does not contain any lead or mercury for your peace of mind.

Protect against lightning with Pekat

Given that Malaysia ranks 3rd in the world for lightning strikes, it is best to take extra precaution against such a threat. Pekat Engineering Services Sdn Bhd is the market leader in lightning protection systems, as its system is utilised in a number of high-profile projects such as Merdeka 118 — the second tallest building in the world —, MRT 3 and LRT 3, Legoland Johor and others. At ENGINEER & MARVEX 2023, Pekat is looking eager to address your lightning protection needs.

Cover your waterproofing with Mapei’s Purtop1000

For those looking for waterproofing solutions, Mapei Purtop1000 has got you covered. The pure polyurea membrane has a high tensile strength. The product has been proven in a reference project involving the Shariah Court in Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur, where the Purtop1000 is applied to solve water leakage and seepage issues of the building’s roof.