Looking for a particular pump and pipe to suit your need? Check out what’s on display

Ecolink Engineering Sdn Bhd 

The Malaysian distributor for Franklin Electric water pumps from the US, Ecolink Engineering Sdn Bhd is a supplier for various water companies in Malaysia as they have been granted certification from the National Water Services Commission (SPAN). While Ecolink’s submersible pumps might be an overkill for most users, they also carry a range of Franklin Electric’ booster pump systems typically used in a building’s cold-water systems. 

LEO Pump Engineering (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Those looking for a reliable and price competitive pump should definitely check out LEO Pump Engineering (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, it offers a range of vertical multistage pump, horizontal centrifugal pump and booster system to suit your need. Its latest products feature the IE5 motor technology which translates to a higher energy and better performance. 

J&B Industrial Corporation

Philippine’s J&B Industrial Corporation shows that innovation don’t need to be complicated, as proven by its HDPE conduit products which feature a spiral instead of the usual ringed design. Patented in the Philippines, this innovation allows a greater ease for its users as all conduits can be screwed to connectors to be used as raceways for electric, telephone and TV cable. In the Philippines, the product is popular with local councils and developers for its ease of use. J&B also offers its spiral conduits with UV rated feature which is a favourite among solar installers in the Philippines.