Level Up Operational Efficiency with Advanced Solutions at ENGINEER

Up your game with the latest software solutions in the market that let you conserve energy and streamline administrative functions. Here are some solutions you should not miss at ENGINEER, especially if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprints. 

Total Metering empowers your energy conservation initiatives 

Versatile electrical components and solutions provider, Total Metering is showcasing its systems solutions that facilitate efficient asset and energy management. The asset management systems monitor critical energy supply for assets, particularly in industries that are highly reliant on continuous energy supply, for example data centres. Meanwhile, the energy management system gives facilities managers insights into assets or equipment with heavy energy usage, allowing better energy management and conservation efforts. 

Total Metering’s expertise in both IT and industrial gives it an edge in linking the industrial platform with IoT. They bring to the market, hardware and software solutions with high levels of compatibility and efficiency. Committed to sustainability and ESG, the company is also looking into energy storage, EV charging and monitoring systems that optimise efficiency.  Visit them at ENGINEER Hall 1 for more information. 

Increase your energy performance and reduce costs with PecStar iEMS

API Systems, meter expert and advanced solutions provider is here at ENGINEER to show you their breakthrough solutions for energy monitoring and conservation, PecStar iEMS. This software solution trumps its competitors as it integrates energy performance monitoring into management practice in line with ISO 50001.

This solution also offers power quality monitoring, energy management, substation automation and fault monitoring. Its user-friendly GUI facilitates customised report generation. It also has the capability to monitor current energy consumption against present targets to produce insights into areas of non-compliance to allow investigation into excess consumption. 

API Systems is also here to showcase its exciting range of meters, suited for operations of varying sizes. Do not miss their fantastic range of products and solutions that will place you well on your carbon-free journey. Check them out at Hall 1. 

Project documents at your fingertips with Bina Cloud’s advanced project management solutions 

Administration should not be complicated. Bina Cloud has brought the future of project management to ENGINEER with its future-ready software solutions that makes tasks easier and eliminates paper usage. Featuring cloud documents, this software lets you store all your documents in one place for easy access by the team. This system also streamlines communications among team members, hastening identification and resolution of issues. 

BinaCloud enhances workflow efficiency and shortens project timelines, leading to quicker completion of everyday tasks. With its robust analytics feature, teams can monitor and analyse project data, empowering them to make informed, data-driven choices. Bina Cloud provides teams with a transparent overview of project advancement, enabling improved decision-making and resource allocation.

They are located at ENGINEER Hall 1, so head to their booth and get all the information you need to level up your project management efficiency.