HVAC players across the region come together at MARVEX

MARVEX 2023 hosted efforts to foster regional collaboration in the heating ventilation & air condition (HVAC) sector initiated by the Malaysian Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Association (MACRA) by hosting a regional bilateral talk with its counterparts across the region.

The event witnessed the signing of Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) between MACRA’s president, Peter Tan Chin Wah and his counterparts from the Singapore Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Association (ARA) represented by Leong Cheng Wee, China Refrigerant and Air-conditioning Industry (CRAA) Association’s representative Li Jiang, Philippines Appliance Industry Association (PAIA) represented by Juan Carlos Tereso Mendoza Pineda, as well as Thailand’s Airconditioning and Refrigeration Association (ARA) representative Chantasawat Supanee and Vietnam Society of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (VISREA) represented by Dr Trinh Quoc Dong.

Tan believes the collaboration will address the sector’s weakness with regards to the flow of information as the dearth of data have prevented SMEs in the country to conduct a proper return on investment for their business.

“If I were to sum up the importance of these MOUs, it is to have a common platform for everybody to share their ideas and network with one another.”

The MACRA president explained the regional cooperation started during the Covid-19 pandemic, with the associations coming together to share their success stories in navigation the difficulties brought on by the pandemic.