GreenRE & SIRIM at ENGINEER & MARVEX: Performance verification and quality assurance a priority

Getting third party assessment of performance and quality gives users an assurance of top-notch product, and serves as a distinguishing factor in the industry.

Present at ENGINEER & MARVEX, Ir Ashwin Thurairajah, Executive Director of GreenRE reminded that certification is a very good way to verify the endeavours that have been taken on by the building.

“We are here to see these technologies proliferate in Malaysia, thereby promote greater, higher performance building in Malaysia. This is also a great platform for championing the green movement in Malaysia,” he said.

GreenRE is the leading certification body in Malaysia with a framework to assess buildings environmental performance. A key pillar of this assessment is energy efficiency, therefore with 60% of the energy consumption in a building driven by air-conditioning usage, advancements in air-conditioning  measurement and verification technology emerges as a key carbon emission checkpoint for reduction of carbon footprints. By keeping HVAC emissions in check, a building can obtain higher GreenRE cetification which paves the way for numerous benefits, ranging from better real estate potential to green financing options.

GreenRE is available for consultation at Hall 1.

SIRIM QAS, conducts testing, inspection and certification services to ensure products meet local and international standards. The body performs scientific industrial research to aid in improving technical p​rocesses and method, discovering new processes and methods and encouraging the utilisation of Malaysian products.

Ahmad Faizan bin Hj. Pardi, Principal Key Account Manager, Customer Engagement Section (CES), Marketing and Customer Experience Department, SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd said their presence at ENGINEER & MARVEX was to offer consultation and support for companies seeking to gain SIRIM certification by offering their facilities and expertise. 

“We want to ensure the industry meets the requirement of standard and compliance. Once your product has been certified by SIRIM, it gives some sort of confidence for the industry, especially your customers to buy your product. Because SIRIM plays a role as a third party to assess the quality of the product and ensure the industry gets the best,” he said, calling organisations to meet with them at Hall 1 for further information.

While SIRIM is not mandatory in Malaysia, certain regulatory agencies such as the Energy Commission, Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, National Water Services Commission, Road Transport Department, and others require SIRIM certification as an assurance of quality and safety for users.