I decided to come to this exhibition to learn more about Malaysian companies and found that there’s some great displays – valves & pipes and other physical pieces of equipment that many times, engineers only see pictures of. ENGINEER is incredibly useful to someone who is new to Malaysia and the industry to see a wide range of different companies that provide products here. It is an excellent learning opportunity.

Dr. Susan Losavio

Process Safety Engineer, Exxonmobil

I am from Estonia, living in Bali. I decided to stop by to see what ENGINEER & MARVEX has to offer. The first impression I have is the outline is well put, most of the professional companies are here and, I am looking forward to meeting all the new possible collaboration partners here, specifically in the HVAC industry, the main competitors and possible partners or distributors for our product.

Karl Urbanik

Sales & Business Development Director, NOQQ Energy

I am here to seek sample products and OEM contractors to join us to be our vendors. As an engineer we have to stay updated with new technology and products that can benefit us in cost saving, environmental purposes and green building. I am very happy we have this exhibition.

Syed Kamil Zafran bin Syed Nordin

Engineering Officer, Genting Malaysia Bhd

In this exhibition, we have met a lot of fire-fighting contractors as well as consultants. We have also met potential leads from different fields looking for fire-fighting solutions to integrate with their systems and this is one our objectives being in this event – to meet people from different fields outside fire-fighting contractors and consultants.

Johnson Kiew Jai Huat

Sales & Technical Manager, Steel Recon Industries Sdn Bhd

ENGINEER 2023 is a great platform for industry players like us to showcase our system and knowledge to the industry and also to explain to the markets on how we can help to provide our systems and solution to obtain sustainability and renewable integrations.

Deric Wong

COO, TMS Plus Group

Our presence here today is to promote awareness to the market on the importance of sustainability. We believe air-conditioning contributes the highest amount of energy. In order for us to reduce CO2 emissions, the most important sector for us to tackle is the air-conditioning part which consumes 60-70% of household electricity.

Stephen Eric Khan

Group General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Panasonic Air-Conditioning Malaysia