This is a very well-organised event and it’s beyond my expectation to see so many companies here. I am here to look for some products and to build networks.

James Wang

Senior Product Engineer, PortWay Technology Sdn Bhd

As an engineer with TNB Genco I think this is a good opportunity to explore the possibilities within the energy transition roadmap which was released last week. Overall, this is a good networking session for engineers.

Ramachandran A/L Muthu Rajentheran

TNB Genco Engineer

We are here to take our company to the next level, to the engage with the corporates. This is a good platform to get in touch with the M&E consultants and to be more well known in the industry.

Casey Kwan Ke Yen

Operation Manager, Aconland Holdings Sdn Bhd

We are excited to take part in MARVEX this year. It is a very good platform to expose our brand to the market. It is a good channel to share about our long-term goal on ESG and sustainability.

Li Mun Kwong

General Manager, Residential Light Commercial, Carrier Malaysia

Thank you, ENGINEER, for your support and opportunity to introduce our new product. We turn 100 next year and we are happy to continue to contribute towards Malaysia’s economy.

Takeru Okamura

Marketing Manager, Terasaki Electric (M) Sdn Bhd

I am happy to have the opportunity to share knowledge here. Talks like this are necessary to create awareness among the public, and it is important for industry players to share their experience and knowledge to boost the industry.

See Heng Chun

Business Unit Director, Solaroo RE Sdn Bhd

I think the exhibition is very well organised so far.

For my talk today, I get the impression the industry understands the need for standards. They understand the need for Testing Certification or verification. That’s the key part.

Shawn Paulsen

International Electrotechnical Commission Vice President