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Stand no: 1D061


Sustainature’s cloud platform is the next big stride in seamless ESG management

Sustainature by ALLIED ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS MALAYSIA SDN BHD, a cloud-based ESG management platform is set to change the game in ESG.

Designed for the modern business, Sustainature offers a user-centric approach to collecting, managing, and disclosing ESG data, transforming what was once a tedious task into a breeze. Imagine being able to generate comprehensive ESG reports at the mere click of a button or having a system that not only allows you to set ambitious sustainability goals but also diligently tracks your progress towards them.

Beyond just streamlining the reporting process, Sustainature stands as an embodiment of the global shift towards a more sustainable and transparent business environment.

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Stand no: 1H126


KCSS WIREMESH Melds Durability with Eco-Consciousness

Few products are as synonymous with durability and sustainability as KCSS WIREMESH SDN BHD’s offering. Making its impactful presence in the market, WIREMESH is not just any wire product; it’s the embodiment of high-quality Bright Steel Hard Drawn Wire, the cornerstone for constructing High rises, Housings, and even Precast concrete industries.

But where it truly stands out is its perfect alignment with the ethos of sustainability. Ponder upon their double-layer barbed wire fencing. With its impressive longevity, not only does it serve as a robust security measure, but it also minimises material consumption and waste. In a world where sustainability is no longer an option but a necessity, WIREMESH ensures boundary security systems, Animal & Poultry Farms Cages, and industrial meshes benefit from a product that is both lasting and environmentally conscious. It’s not just a product; it’s a revolution in sustainable fencing.

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Stand no: 1P322


The Future of Waterproofing Has Never Been This Green

When it comes to modern structural protection, MAPEI Malaysia is redefining the game. Introducing PURTOP 1000: a high-tech solution ensuring optimal waterproofing for roofs, decks, and water tanks.

Utilising a high-pressure spray gun, the PURTOP system seamlessly adheres to surfaces, eliminating overlaps and setting quickly. Yet, it’s not just about functionality. Aligned with the principles defined in EN 1504-9 and the requirements of EN 1504-2, PURTOP 1000 showcases MAPEI’s commitment to sustainability and green building principles.

Root-resistant as per CEN/TS14416 and EN 13948 standards, and suitable for contact with drinking water according to the Italian Ministerial Decree DM 174/04, this innovation isn’t just leading—it’s SGBC-certified as a pinnacle product for green building.

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Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Platform

Stand no: 1C041


Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Platform: Where the Digital and Sustainable Worlds Merge Flawlessly

Schneider Electric stands as a global frontrunner in the realm of energy management and automation solutions. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge energy technologies, the company is at the forefront of driving digital transformation. This integration empowers cohesive management for residential spaces, commercial buildings, data centres, and infrastructures.

Leveraging cloud-connected products, controls, software, and services, Schneider Electric extends its influence across diverse markets and sector, the Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Platform is at the heart of our IoT system architecture. The EcoStruxure Platform connects everything in your enterprise.

Collecting critical data, from sensors to the cloud, analysing data to discover meaningful insights, enabling you to act based on real-time information and business logic. The EcoStruxure Platform is the foundational technology backbone on which Schneider Electric solutions are built and delivered.

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Automated Waste Collection System (AWCS)

Stand no: 2P314


Modifying Waste Management with Cutting-Edge Automation

STREAM ENVIRONMENT SDN BHD’s Automated Waste Collection System (AWCS) takes a pioneering leap into the realm of sustainable waste management.

With a foundation built on three decades of expertise, STREAM has surpassed global standards with over 280 projects worldwide. Their innovation employs pneumatic or vacuum technology, efficiently channelling municipal or domestic waste from varied collection points straight to a centralised handling facility.

The AWCS champions sustainability by notably cutting carbon footprint with its state-of-the-art processes, and economise energy usage and curtail resource waste.

By offering a cleaner, odour-free environment, it boosts societal health standards, laying down the blueprint for emerging technological advancements in waste management.

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Energy Storage Solution, Asset Management System, Energy Metering Solution

Stand no: 1G116


Transform Your Energy Management with TMS PLUS: Sustainable Solutions for the Smart Generation

In the face of an energy-hungry world, TMS PLUS is showing the way towards a future of efficient, reliable, and sustainable energy management. Their Energy Storage Solution enables you to harness excess energy during off-peak hours and utilise it when it’s needed most. Say goodbye to interruptions and unexpected costs, as this state-of-the-art system ensures a smooth power supply while easing the pressure on the grid.

In sync with the global push towards sustainability, this energy storage solution facilitates efficient use of renewable sources, leveraging on AI-driven analytics and IoT integration to ensure scalability and adaptability to future innovation.

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Stand no: 2W279


A Harmonious Blend of Energy Efficiency and Modern Technology with Carrier’s XCT-7

Stepping into the new era of energy-efficient technology, Carrier (M) Sdn Bhd proudly unveils the XCT7.

As the 7th generation of Carrier’s VRF systems, the XCT7 emerges as a beacon of innovation. Not just a cooling system, but a dedication to sustainability, its advanced black-coated fin technology defies corrosion, ensuring longevity.

Furthermore, with its centrifugal oil separator and 10-stage oil return technology, optimal efficiency isn’t just a benefit – it’s a guarantee. But where the XCT7 truly shines is in its adaptability, effortlessly accommodating diverse building requirements with unmatched precision in temperature regulation. This masterful blend of performance, durability, and user-centric design positions the XCT7 not just as a leading choice in climate control, but as a symbol of Carrier’s commitment to a sustainable, comfortable future.

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ACP (Acoustic Ceiling Panel)

Stand no: 1P005


Crafting Silence from Recycled Textiles with Ecosil’s ACP

Ecosil Solution Sdn Bhd’s groundbreaking product, the ACP (Acoustic Ceiling Panel), is changing the game in acoustic and thermal insulation.

This revolutionary panel, constructed from over 70% recycled textile waste and PET bottles, promises a blend of both innovation and sustainability. It’s not merely a soundproofing solution; it’s an echo of the company’s commitment to the environment.

Lightweight yet sturdy, Ecosil’s ACP stands out with its hassle-free installation, sound absorption, energy savings, and fire-retardant properties.

Rooted in the philosophy of ‘Crafting Silence, Enhancing Wellness’, Ecosil makes a compelling case for considering both users’ wellbeing and green initiatives. With a firm belief in products that align with Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) compliance, the ACP embodies the future of environmentally-conscious design solutions.

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Blast Ultra Low Freezers to innovative Solar Freezers

Stand no: 2U270


ETS BIO FREEZE SDN BHD Pioneers a Green Evolution in Modern Cooling Solutions

Imagine a future where preservation is not just about temperature, but about environmental responsibility.

ETS BIO FREEZE SDN BHD, a renowned name in the realm of cooling solutions, brings to you an array of state-of-the-art products: from Blast Ultra Low Freezers to innovative Solar Freezers. These products aren’t just about freezing; they represent a paradigm shift in sustainable cooling technology.

Stemming from the ethos of GreenRE, an initiative by Malaysia’s Real Estate and Housing Developers Association (REHDA), ETS BIO FREEZE’s products resonate with global green building standards. Their line-up ensures better performance, cost efficiency, and a focus on occupant well-being.

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EvoAir Hybrid Air Conditioner

Stand no: 2P308


A Breakthrough in Eco-Friendly Cooling That’s Transforming How We Live!

In an era where environmental conservation and energy efficiency are not mere buzzwords but necessities, EvoAir Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd introduces the EvoAir Hybrid Air Conditioner. Ingeniously engineered with the patented Heat Emission Control System (HECS) technology, this innovation stands as the world’s first truly environmental-friendly air conditioner. Not only does it significantly reduce waste heat to the environment, but it also ensures power consumption is cut by an impressive 20%. Imagine an outdoor-temperature reduction of output air by approximately 55%, an improvement in air humidity of output air by roughly 38%, and all of this with easy maintenance and servicing. The EvoAir Hybrid Air Conditioner is not merely a product; it’s a revolution that aligns with the values of sustainability, energy efficiency, and societal well-being. It’s a step towards a greener planet and a comfortable living space. Embrace the future, and make the EvoAir Hybrid Air Conditioner a part of your world today!

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PolluStop Exhaust Air Handling Unit (PST)

Stand no: 2P307


Breathing New Life into Sustainability with Halton’s Innovative Air Handling Unit

When we speak of groundbreaking solutions that elevate our living and working spaces to the next level, Halton Group Asia Shd. Bhd. stands out with its PolluStop Exhaust Air Handling Unit.

This state-of-the-art unit embodying a fusion of intelligent technology, user-centric design, and a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability is constructed with eco-centric materials and designed for optimal energy performance.

The Halton PST Air Handling Unit champions energy-efficiency and places paramount importance on promoting superior indoor air quality.

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Panasonic Hot Water Absorption Chillers

Stand no: 2R224


From Waste Heat to World-Class Cooling: Panasonic’s Vision for a Sustainable Future

If ever there was a marriage of ingenuity and sustainable technology, it’s exemplified in Panasonic Air Conditioning Malaysia’s (PACMY) Hot Water Absorption Chillers.

This product stand as testimony to what’s possible when sustainability is at the core of innovation. By turning waste heat into a valuable resource for energy-efficient cooling, they champion a unique approach to eco-responsibility. The usage of water as the primary refrigerant reflects a conscious move away from harmful fluorocarbon gases, representing a significant stride in environmental conservation. It’s more than just about ecological protection; with a power consumption reduction by a staggering 96%, these chillers bring about tangible energy conservation benefits.

In the vast ecosystem of emerging technology, these devices don’t just cool spaces; they enhance living and working environments, contributing positively to societal well-being. Touchscreen controls, BMS connectivity, and optimised heat transfer further attest to their advanced engineering.

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Packaged Units Horizontal and Split Ducted Units

Stand no: 2P292


Rinnai’s Packaged Units Horizontal and Split Ducted Units Bring a Breeze of Innovation to Malaysia

Venture no further in your search for groundbreaking industrial and commercial air conditioning solutions – Rinnai Manufacturing Malaysia Sdn Bhd has brought their world-class expertise to your doorstep! Famous for tailoring their approach to the unique and harsh operating environments of Australia, Rinnai’s Packaged Units Horizontal and Split Ducted Units are now set to redefine climate control in Malaysia.

With bespoke solutions suited to match specifications, Rinnai is committed to improve wellbeing and living spaces with energy-efficient climate control by embracing sustainability.

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SUPERLON NBR Elastomeric Insulation

Stand no: 2M180


SUPERLON’s NBR Elastomeric Insulation is the Silent Hero of Energy Efficiency

SUPERLON WORLDWIDE SDN BHD stands as the premier NBR insulation manufacturer for Malaysia’s HVAC and R sector. With a 30-year history, Superlon has an extensive partnership and global distribution network around the world. Crafted to utmost standards, Superlon insulation boasts superior efficacy. Its closed-cell structure acts as a formidable insulator, creating a barrier against atmospheric conditions to curb energy loss and condensation, boasting exceptional thermal conductivity and catering to market and client needs. By upholding rigorous production standards, Superlon enhances thermal insulation, curbing energy usage and condensation risks.

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PIR (Polyisocyanurate) Insulated Panel & Refrigeration System

Stand no: 2V278


Meet the Pioneers Turning Roofs into Energy Savers with PIR Insulated Panels!

Since 1978, UNITED PANEL-SYSTEM (M) SDN. BHD. has been a leading expert in insulation. Their latest innovation, the PIR (Polyisocyanurate) Insulated Panel & Refrigeration System, marks a significant advancement in their product offerings.

By introducing the first PIR double belt continuous line in the ASEAN region for insulation and roofing panel production, with FM Global (FM) Approval, their PIR panels are exclusively crafted in-house using a fully automated continuous production line at a local factory that is also the largest multi-purpose manufacturing plant in Malaysia. 

Recognising the importance of effective insulation, these panels contribute to heightened energy efficiency in cold rooms, reduced carbon emissions, and minimised job site waste. With an impressive R-value per thickness, PIR panels outperform other insulation materials, thereby aiding in substantial energy reduction. This feature translates into considerable CO2 savings, surpassing the energy used to manufacture the panels in the first place. Beyond environmental benefits, the use of PIR panels also translates to long-term financial savings due to reduced heating and cooling costs.

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Stand no: 2R218


Ziehl-Abegg’s RetrofitBLUE: The Future-Proof Solution That Breathes New Life into HVAC Systems

The RetrofitBLUE from Ziehl-Abegg SEA Pte Ltd is a cutting-edge approach to rejuvenating outdated HVAC units.

At the heart of this solution lies the ECblue Motor technology, designed to supersede conventional AC motors with notable efficacy. One of the most compelling features of RetrofitBLUE is its promise of significantly reduced operating costs. This doesn’t merely translate to monetary savings; it’s also a nod to the environment.

By adopting this energy-efficient technology, businesses can actively reduce their carbon footprint. Furthermore, with minimal maintenance required, the ECblue Motor Technology ensures a decrease in waste generation.

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