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Stand no: 1B036

The Green Revolution Just Got Easier with Sustainature

Transforming the complex realm of ESG reporting into a streamlined process, ALLIED ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS MALAYSIA SDN BHD’s innovative platform, Sustainature, is a game-changer in sustainability reporting.

With its ability to gather, analyse and manage ESG data from across multiple business units, Sustainature effortlessly meets the stringent reporting standards set by Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad and GRI Reporting Standards.

Beyond reporting, this digital tool also assists companies in setting and monitoring net-zero targets, allowing them to strategically drive their sustainability goals. Sustainature is truly the ace up the sleeve for businesses looking to thrive in an era where ESG disclosures are no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

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Water Trapping System (WTS)

Stand no: 1E078

Say Goodbye to Water Condensation with ALPHAMAX’s Innovative Water Trapping System

Are you grappling with the persistent problem of water condensation in air compressor pipelines, especially in tropical countries?

ALPHAMAX HOLDINGS SDN BHD introduces their groundbreaking Water Trapping System (WTS). This innovation employs the concept of periodic purging of pipeline contaminants inside the filter regulator, utilising a Programmable Digital Timertailor-made to tackle water condensation issues. WTS offers a plug-and-play concept, making it user-friendly and highly effective.

Comprising three major components and available in four different sizes and power ratings (24VDC / 220VAC), WTS enhances air quality entering your machinery, reducing breakdowns and prolonging machine lifespan. Embrace this efficient solution and elevate the reliability and longevity of your equipment today.

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Fanless Ultra-compact Industrial PCs in IP65

Stand no: 1A017

Revolutionise Industrial Control with Beckhoff Automation’s Fanless Ultra-compact Industrial PCs in IP65 from Beckhoff

Up to four cores in IP65: with its extremely robust, fanless C7015 ultra-compact Industrial PC, Beckhoff as a specialist in PC-based control technology offers the possibility to install a high-performance Industrial PC in a highly compact design directly at the machine.

Versatile on-board interfaces enable connection to the cloud or to other networks. Thanks to the integration of an EtherCAT P interface, further EtherCAT P modules can be connected directly to the C7015. This provides the possibility of automation close to the machine. The integrated Intel Atom® CPU with up to four cores allows simultaneous automation, visualization, and communication in demanding industrial IP65 applications.

In addition to classic control tasks, the C7015 is ideally suited for use as a gateway to connect machines and plant sections – and can even handle complex preprocessing of large data volumes thanks to its high processing power.

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Sigma Slab

Stand no: 1F085

Sigma Slab: A Concrete Evolution That Puts Tradition in the Shade

Reimagining the very essence of concrete, BEKAERT introduces the SigmaSlab®, an innovative solution set to redefine the construction landscape.

With the ability to amalgamate CCL’s post-tensioning strands and Dramix® steel fibres into one, the traditional methods of reinforcement in unbonded, banded-banded post-tensioned concrete slabs are now history.

The marvel of SigmaSlab® is its game-changing ability to achieve utilising less steel and concrete, reduce the carbon footprint of the project by up to 50%, and enable faster installation compared to conventional systems.

Moreover, the SigmaSlab® offers a cost-effective solution that eliminates traditional reinforcement, reducing the demand for skilled labour on site. The innovation allows joint-free distances of up to 150 meters, minimising the number of joints and their associated weaknesses. Over time, this reduction will not only improve aesthetics, more importantly it leads to diminished maintenance and repair costs, thereby increasing floor durability.

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Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager

Stand no: 1H107

Protect Your High-Voltage Equipment with CETM ELECTROTEST’s Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager

In the high-stakes world of maintaining high-voltage equipment, CETM ELECTROTEST has developed the game-changing Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager.

This ground-breaking tool is engineered to detect partial discharge, corona discharge, gas, and vacuum leaks – all crucial elements that, if unchecked, can lead to catastrophic events. Through the innovative SoundSight™ technology, the ii910 translates auditory data into visual representations, enabling your team to pinpoint problem areas swiftly. Its higher frequency range (2-100Khz) offers early detection to facilitate prompt maintenance planning.

By integrating the ii910 into your safety protocols, you can ensure cost-effective and comfortable maintenance that goes above and beyond traditional methods, ultimately preventing costly disasters.

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FireNET L@titude

Stand no: 1C050

Get Unmatched Fire Safety with HOCHIKI ASIA PACIFIC’s FireNET L@titude

The safety of your building just took a giant leap forward with HOCHIKI ASIA PACIFIC’s FireNET L@titude, one of the most powerful and innovative fire alarm products on the market.

The FireNET L@titude has been meticulously designed to add unparalleled value to System Designers, Integrators, Service Providers, and End-Users. With an extensive range of features, including a 7″ full-colour touchscreen graphical display, up to 50000 input/output cause and effect rules, and a light sensor for automatic backlight dimming, this platform is a game-changer in intelligent building integration. Its resistive touchscreen technology and unique 6-digit passcode or optional enable control key switch to add further layers of functionality and safety.

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Watchman AirTM Wireless Vibration Monitoring Solution

Stand no: 1D053


Welcome to the new era of predictive maintenance with INNOMATRIX TECH’s WATCHMAN AIR™, a high-resolution wireless vibration solution that leverages the power of the world’s largest machine condition database and the 3rd generation of AI.

Designed to detect emergent faults and offer prioritised repair recommendations, this solution revolutionises how plant operations are managed. With wireless sensors and a gateway designed for continuous monitoring, you can transition from unreliable manual processes to 24/7 wireless monitoring with hourly summaries and daily diagnostic analyses.

Detect faults early and predict failures months in advance, while overcoming personnel, safety, and machine availability challenges. With the Predictive Portal, even management teams can monitor operations remotely.

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Moment MPS-T Precast Shoe

Stand no: 1B035

Hasten on-site installation at lower costs with MOMENT MPS-T Precast Shoe

Here’s an innovative solution that will connect precast columns to foundations or linking columns using a seamless one-piece metal body with embedded rebars. Casted at the factory, it uses on-site anchor bolts as anchoring points for easy placement of precast columns. After levelling, secure mechanical connections are achieved with high strength nuts. No bracing is needed, just swift installation, top-notch safety, and flexibility at a reasonable cost. Join the future of construction now!

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Stand no: 1P322

Redefining Industrial Flooring, MAPECRETE SYSTEM’s Seamless Brilliance Awaits

From the innovative labs of MAPEI comes the groundbreaking MAPECRETE SYSTEM, an unparalleled solution for crafting high-quality industrial flooring devoid of control joints.

The system’s blend of products masterfully induces expansion in the concrete, offsetting the hygrometric shrinkage that typically appears post the damp curing phase. The MAPECRETE SYSTEM ensures an expansive installation coverage – imagine surfaces as vast as 1,000 m2 or more without a single control joint. But it doesn’t stop there. This system isn’t just a new benchmark for industrial floors but also a boon for renovations.

With rapid installation, enhanced durability, and the potential to cut costs by eliminating the use of metal mesh, it’s clear that the MAPECRETE SYSTEM is a game-changer. Its commitment to reducing maintenance expenses and shrinkage cracks ensures it’s not only cost-effective but also an investment in long-term quality.

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Nippon Paint 9049 GR

Stand no: 1F092

Revolutionary high-performance performance protective coatings to offer superior corrosion protection

Nippon Paint offers a new range of products called Nippon Paint 9049 GR which is infused with GrapheneTec+ Technology powered by Petronas ProShield+. The product has been launched under a new technology called GrapheneTec+, which anchors on the additive’s ultra-high barrier properties proven to strengthen the coating’s corrosion resistance against harsh weather conditions, doubling the average coated steel lifespan up to 16 years.

GrapheneTec+ is built for the Oil & Gas and heavy industries with excellent corrosion resistance, improved wear resistance and superior thermal stability against harsh weather conditions. In addition, Nippon Paint has a range of products that conform to the PETRONAS Technical Standards (PTS), while catering to the needs of new construction, maintenance and repair.

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Novenco ZerAx Axial Fan

Stand no: 1G112


Stand no: 1P009

iSURIAN – the energy-efficient, smart streetlight

Get excellent luminescence with this smart solar street light built on a hi-tech LED module that combines monocrystalline silicon solar panel to achieve a high conversion rate, excellent thermal efficiency in a smart battery management system and high-efficiency control unit. Featuring intelligent regulation and infrared sensors, it maximises energy efficiency, durability, and flaunts eco-friendly features. Best for lighting up urban streets, villages and industrial zones with its sleek design. Don’t miss out on this futuristic smart solar lighting solution!

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RS PRO 88 Piece Electrician's Tool Kit with Case, VDE Approved

Stand no: 1P007

Unleash your inner electrician with the RS PRO 88-piece tool kit

Designed for electricians, this 88-piece extensive kit is a must-have for DIY enthusiasts and pros alike. Crafted for engineers dealing with live circuits, it boasts ergonomic handles, and supreme torque, and it is VDE-approved for safety. Made from top-quality chrome vanadium steel, this designer toolkit guarantees excellence across applications. Elevate your work with this sturdy, versatile kit – a game-changer for safety and efficiency!

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SIS DECK (Precast Post-Tensioned Voided System)

Stand no: 1E077

The ultimate precast concrete flooring solution

Get ready for a revolution with SIS DECK – A Precast Post-tensioned Voided System! Uniting precast, post-tensioned, and voided slab panels with in-situ topping. This half-slab system is the ultimate IBS solution. Triangular truss reinforcement ensures seamless bonding, between the pre-cast panel and in-situ concrete, while its factory-made standard panels promise quick and economical construction. With design loading up to 45kPa, it cuts labour requirements by up to 60% and speeds up progress by up to 30%. Get cleaner, safer construction sites, and a greater span-depth ratio with this flat slab flooring solution! 

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Automated Waste Collection System

Stand no: 2P314

Getting rid of garbage just got easier

Step into the future with our automated waste collection system! Just drop your waste into the chute, and when full, a high-speed network system transports the waste directly to Central Waste Handling Facilities using cutting-edge vacuum technology. Designed for effortless disposal of waste, it uses vacuum suction technology to support heavy load disposal, so taking out the trash is a cinch for anyone! Equipped with an air filter system, enjoy a cleaner, healthier environment – perfect for bustling commercial settings!

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TemPower PRO Smart and Intelligent Circuit Breaker

Stand no: 1D064

Renew circuit breakers with TemPower PRO

Enter the world of high-precision management and maximum reliability with a circuit breaker more compact than ever before, easily configured with high-security features. Get a clear view of circuit measurements, internal settings and event logs with its OLED screen, and get full control over energy use and monitoring. Enjoy screwless connections, two-way communications between the server and breaker and uninterrupted ACB circuit maintenance. Terasaki and partners stand committed to worldwide energy progress, supporting the Environment of ESG and SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy, for a sustainable future.

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MARVEX Excellence Award Nominees

K-Flex Titan

Stand no: 2P304

Revolutionary Insulation for a Sustainable Future
This revolutionary insulation system redefines the game with its unique combination of UV and mechanical resistance, all without the need for PVC trunking or external jacketing.

Enduring abrasion, weather resistance, and exceptional flexibility make it the perfect choice for energy-efficient air conditioning units. Studies show up to a 30% reduction in heat loss compared to traditional insulation materials, leading to significant cost savings.

Embrace the future of insulation technology with K-Flex Titan and step into a greener, more energy-efficient world!

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King Pump Green Giant

Stand no: 2P303

Green Giant: The Air Conditioner Cleaning Marvel!
Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning your air conditioner with Green Giant, the professional cleaning machine that takes the hassle out of maintenance.

With a 360-degree rotation nozzle and no blind spots, cleaning becomes a breeze. Its high-frequency pressure motor not only saves energy but also extends working time. No more dismantling the whole unit – Green Giant makes cleaning a breeze, bringing convenience and saving you valuable time.

Don’t miss out on this revolutionary solution to cleaner and healthier air!

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Stand no: 2P298

The fan efficiency of the Novenco ZerAx fan can reach 92% making it the #1 fan in the world
In the realm of sustainable engineering products, NYKK ENGINEERING GROUP SDN BHD offers a marvel – the Novenco ZerAx Axial Fan. Recently securing certification under the AMCA Certified Ratings Program, this fan is a nod toward environmentally-conscious innovations.

The innovative design utilises a unique blade profile providing market-leading Efficiency, tailored for optimal performance across a variety of applications. Precision-engineered Casing production, fan assembly, and impeller blade milling guarantee Minimum Blade Tip Clearance, reducing turbulence and increasing efficiency.

Inspired by jet engines, the Innovative Hub Design comprises casted Aluminium, while the Profiled Guide Vanes ensure minimised turbulence, maximum pressure, and reduced air rotation post-fan operation. Not to mention, its Durable Fan Casing boasts impressive resilience.

The Novenco Zerax fan guarantees the lowest operational cost, lowest maintenance and lowest carbon emissions of any fan type available in the market today and is 98% recyclable at the end of its long operating lifetime.

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The Game-Changer in Insulated Pair-Coil System!
Looking for faster installation, better cooling performance, and zero material wastage? J-Tube has got you covered! With 30% less manpower required and 50% faster installation, it’s the perfect solution for various environments.

Its UL-94 (HF-1) safety standard ensures peace of mind, while its closed-cell, physical crosslink technology guarantees a superior thermal conductivity value of 0.034 W/m/⁰K. Step up your game with J-Tube and experience the future of insulated pair-coil system!

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AstroPure CCX

Stand no: 2S232

AstroPure CCX: The Ultimate Air Filtration Solution!
Are you ready to breathe fresh cleaner, healthier air? Look no further than AstroPure CCX.

With its heat recovery system, it helps in energy saving while on the other hand H13 HEPA filter, and ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), it removes up to 99.95% of ultra-fine particles, ensuring optimal indoor air quality.

Equipped with real-time sensors and controlled via AAF Connect, it’s the perfect solution for commercial areas, educational institutions, airports, hotels, and shopping malls.

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Fabric Air Duct

Stand no: 2P229

Fabric Air Duct: The Eco-Friendly, Energy-Saving Cooling Solution!
Tired of uneven cooling and high energy bills? Fabric Air Duct is the game-changer you’ve been waiting for! Its innovative design provides precise and even distribution of cooling, drastically reducing energy consumption.

Lightweight, easy to install, and customisable in color and size, it adds a touch of versatility to any space. With easy maintenance and low wastage, it’s the sustainable choice for hospitals, food production factories, or any space that values hygiene and energy efficiency. Upgrade to Fabric Air Duct and experience a new level of cooling comfort!

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Stand no: 2N198

A Sustainable Air Filter for Cleaner Living Spaces

CAMFIL MALAYSIA SDN BHD’s latest innovation, HI-FLO, is a game-changer in clean-air solutions. The Next Generation Hi-Flo filter not only offers improved performance and a longer lifetime but also contributes to sustainability.

With its ePM1 85% and ePM10 85% range, this filter ensures consistent efficiency and lower energy consumption. What sets HI-FLO apart is its A+ energy performance, cutting costs by 12% over 5 years and reducing CO2 emissions by over 50 tonnes with sustainable packaging. Tested to ISO 16890 and certified by Eurovent, it guarantees clean air and aligns with ESG commitments.

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Stand no: 2W279

The Pinnacle Of Comfort With Carrier’s XCT-7 – A New Era Of Climate Control

Introducing the XCT-7, Carrier’s latest triumph in their journey towards technological excellence. As the 7th generation Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system, the XCT-7 is a testament to Carrier’s unwavering dedication to innovation, technology, and, importantly, energy efficiency.

Functioning as a closed-loop system, the XCT-7 offers a holistic solution that impeccably regulates temperature right from the word ‘go’. Its preeminent capability of controlling refrigerant flow for multiple indoor units ensures personalised temperature regulation, sidestepping excessive cooling or heating.

Its notable features, such as advanced corrosion resistance and pioneering anti-liquid shock technology, not only vouch for its durability but also bring unparalleled peace of mind to its users.

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EZwash Aluminum Filter Media

Stand no: 2S223

EZwash Aluminum Filter Media Elevates Your HVAC Filtration Game

DAFF ALUMINIUM AIR FILTER MEDIA presents the EZwash Aluminum Filter Media, a top-notch air filtration product manufactured in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Aluminum Media Fits are crafted from high-quality mill finish Aluminum foils, giving them a unique baffled diamond shape.

As leaders in HVAC filtration, DAFF complies with all industry standards and test procedures, working closely with associations like ASHRAE and ARI.

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LOYTEC LIOB-585 HVAC Controller

Stand no: 2L162

The LOYTEC LIOB-585 HVAC Controller by DELTA ELECTRONICS Sets a New Standard in Building Efficiency

In a world that constantly demands improved energy management and operational efficiency, Delta emerges as a game-changer with their LOYTEC LIOB-585 HVAC Controller.

This unique marvel embraces multiple protocols including BACnet, LON, Modbus, and more, revolutionising HVAC control with a convergence of design and functionality. The onboard HTML-5 interface, which eschews additional hardware and software, simplifies setup to a breathtaking degree.

 Its flexibility and the assurance of efficient operation, thanks to auto-generated graphics, alarming, and trending functionalities, position it as a beacon of improved life quality. By fusing state-of-the-art technology with sustainability, this masterpiece delivers a seamless HVAC control experience that ensures peak performance while minimising energy consumption.

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ACP (Acoustic Ceiling Panel)

Stand no: 1P005

The Ultimate Sound Absorber and Heat Insulator

Meet ACP (Acoustic Ceiling Panel) by ECOSIL SOLUTION SDN BHD – a multi-talented sound absorber and heat insulator that brings comfort and eco-friendliness together. This revolutionary product offers good sound absorption performance, making it ideal for various spaces.

Not just that, it’s also a heat insulator, preventing heat transfer and improving energy efficiency. With easy DIY installation and plug-and-play design, ACP becomes the perfect choice for soundproofing and thermal regulation. Being eco-friendly with over 70% recycled material and fire-retardant, ACP outperforms mineral woolon every front.

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EvoAir Hybrid Air Cool Unit

Stand no: 2P308

EvoAir cools your outdoors as it cools you indoors 

Introducing the world’s first eco-friendly air-cond condenser – the ultimate game-changer! Ditching the conventional copper coil technology, this revolutionary air-cond is equipped with the HECS technology, a patent-pending marvel that achieves unprecedented refrigerant heat transfer efficiency and emits cool, humid air. Witness a remarkable ±55% outdoor air temperature drop, eliminating the Urban Heat Island effect, and a ±38% boost in air humidity presenting optimal living conditions. Be an Earth hero with EvoAir Hybrid Air Cool Unit – save over 20% energy consumption and contribute to a better environment with the use of R410, a refrigerant with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and the lowest global warming potential.

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Haier Vapour Suspending Bearing Chiller

Stand no: 2L168

Get Haier’s Vapour-Suspending Bearing Technology for top-notch chiller performance

Haier presents its patented air supply system combining sensors, gear pumps, and heating rods for the ultimate compact solution. Achieve unmatched stability through stabilised gas supply pressure, ensuring a frictionless, fully suspended shaft. No oil, no friction – just precision. Experience adaptive, sensor-free bearings and ultra-low sealing leakage technology. This chiller offers 0.1 um accuracy, and efficient, gearless motor transmission. No more friction, noise, or complex mechanisms – embrace the future now!

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PolluStop Exhaust Air Handling Unit (PST)

Stand no: 2P307

PolluStop Exhaust AHU – the end game for grease particles and odours

Don’t miss out on the ultimate emission control for commercial kitchens! Introducing the cutting-edge PST exhaust air handling units that return fresh air to the atmosphere. It uses unique Capture Ray™ tech leveraging UV-C lamps to obliterate grease and odours, and NF-X carbon filters to quash the surplus ozone produced by the lamps. Optimise with M.A.R.V.E.L. tech for unmatched energy savings. Choose from a range of capacities, reduce cleaning costs, and access advanced monitoring through the Halton Connect IoT platform. Elevate ownership value with Halton Connect & Care. Stay ahead of future regulations with fresher air!

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Insapipe Chilled Water Pipe

Stand no: 2L153

The Pinnacle of Modern Insulation Systems Built for Your Every Need

INSAPIPE Chilled Water Pipe is no ordinary pipe – it’s an answer to all your insulation needs, brought to you by INSAFOAM INSULATION (M) SDN BHD.

This pipe is more than just a conduit; it’s a composite solution designed to withstand varying temperatures, making it an absolute necessity for a variety of industrial applications.

The Insapipe Above/Under Ground is resilient to the meticulous temperature control of the Insafoam Coldroom Systems, and the wide utility of Insugard polyurethane. Backed by vast industry experience and tested product performance, the INSAPIPE Chilled Water Pipe isn’t just another piece of your infrastructure – it’s an integral part of it.

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Panasonic Hot Water Absorption Chillers

Stand no: 2R224

The Future of Cooling with Panasonic’s Hot Water Absorption Chillers

PANASONIC MALAYSIA SDN BHD is redefining energy efficiency with its innovative Panasonic Hot Water Absorption Chillers.

Imagine a system that seamlessly converts waste heat into hot water, offering significant utility savings and boosting economic well-being.

A testament to technical prowess, a single 1050RT LiBr ABS chiller equals the power of 200 VRF systems, delivering unparalleled cooling. Eco-conscious? These chillers shine with no fluorocarbon gases and water as the refrigerant, consuming a mere 4% of power compared to electric chillers, marking a bold step in CO2 reduction. Meeting Japanese and Panasonic’s exacting standards, this product promises reliability with optimal comfort, proving it’s not just a chiller, but a revolution.

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Split Ducted Unit

Stand no: 2P292

Cool large spaces efficiently with Rinnai’s split ducted units

Elevate your game with our split ducted air conditioners, built for unmatched performance across commercial, industrial, marine, and off-shore vertices. Choose from 20 models spanning 012-092kW, including 15 Low Profile and 5 Horizontal units. Embrace efficiency, economy, and longevity, perfect for new installations, upgrades, and changeovers. Don’t miss the future of cooling excellence!

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TA110VF (4 Piston Recovery Unit)

Stand no: 2S236

Get maximum recovery efficiency with TASCO’s 4 Piston Recovery Unit
Level up your refrigerant recovery with the 4 Piston Recovery Unit, Quattro (TA110VF-EXP)! With 4 pistons and a powerful cooling condenser, efficiency is maximised. It can swiftly switch between parallel/series operations through 2 valves, delivering unbeatable performance with a high vacuum function to handle bedded-in refrigerant. A large digital display enhances readability for efficient use and tracking. Keep sustainability in focus with this innovation, as it safeguards both environment and well-being.

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Stand no: 2R218

Step up efficiency at your plant with ZAbluefin’s bionic blade impeller

Introducing ZAbluefin – the bionic blade impeller designed to reflect nature. Its unique corrugated leading edge, V-shaped trailing edge, and advanced ZAmid composite material drive optimal flow, acoustics, and sustainability. Created for the intelligent ECblue motor (IE5), offering maximum system efficiency and premium performance for air handling units. Available in sizes 250 to 560 mm, offering up to 19,000 m3/h airflow and 1,800 Pa maximum static pressure. Embrace a new era of energy saving efficient, quiet ventilation!

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