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A regional hub to source, network, collaborate and exchange ideas to shape what's next for engineering

ENGINEER held in its 3rd edition is poised to be the gateway to Mechanical; Electrical; Civil & Structural and; Air-Conditioning, Mechanical Ventilation & Refrigeration engineering technologies in ASEAN.

An event of IEM Convention, ENGINEER is jointly organised by The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) and C.I.S – a powerful synergy to forge a regional hub where leading manufacturers and suppliers, industry professionals, government delegations, trade associations, business chambers, international investors and academicians meet for four days to source, network, collaborate, and exchange ideas to unleash dynamic change and innovation in the engineering industry.

Exhibit profiles

Showcasing manufacturers and suppliers from three industry pillars

A thriving marketplace for the best and brightest engineering and ACMV & R products, solutions and technologies by manufacturers and suppliers from three major pillars of the industry – Mechanical; Electrical; Civil & Structural and; Air-Conditioning, Mechanical Ventilation & Refrigeration.

Mechanical &

Civil &

Mechanical Ventilation & Refrigeration

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Gathering like-minded engineers for new opportunities

ENGINEER is an avenue to source from leading industry brands, manufacturers and suppliers; learn or exchange ideas through a series of BEM CPD applicable symposiums, conferences and talks; and network or explore business collaborations through the expected convergence of 12,000 trade and professional visitors.

Engineering the future

Driving the ESG agenda within ASEAN

With ESG topping the business agenda, ENGINEER and MARVEX strives to offer a platform to drive the movement and heed Environmental, Social and Governance challenges, and exchange dialogues on solutions to solve global issues that could potentially plague the future generation. The exhibitions will seek to drive important conversations and highlight on the ESG agenda based on five pillars:


All life on Earth depends on the environment and the natural resources that come from it. We need to interact with our environment in a way that ensures there will be enough resources for us and for generations to come. This pillar will cover the areas of Environment, Water, Net-zero Energy, and Climate Change / Natural Disaster.


For positive outcomes on the global economy and development, the transition of energy and its required materials and infrastructures ought to be abundant, affordable, secure and efficient. This pillar will cover the areas of RE/EE, Smart Grid, and Smart Power Energy.


Engineering affects almost every aspect of our society and its integration significantly contributes to our safety, and quality of living space. Which means linking social outcomes with the planning, design and use of infrastructure to reduce adverse impacts. This pillar will cover the areas of Society, Smart Building and Infrastructure, and Air Quality (Indoor and Outdoor).

Emerging Technology

From digital twins to artificial intelligence (AI), robots, IoT, and data management and analytics, these technologies enable and influences the delivery of trusted, net zero, and circular engineering and ACMV & R solutions. This pillar will cover the areas of Automation, IoT, Robotics, and Digitalisation.


Measures for global environment and social issues can only be successfully tackled if it’s sustainable across multiple generations of professionals. Educational technologies, learning blueprints, and skills development are critical to foster the next-generation of engineers and ACMV & R professionals. This pillar will cover the areas of Future Engineers, Safety and Health, Career Upskilling, and Professional Development.

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Here's what our attendees have to say

In the race towards carbon net-zero, our role as problem solvers is pivotal.

At ENGINEER, IEM and our partners are forging a dynamic business and knowledge platform for sourcing, learning, and connection. This exhibition acts as our guide through an ever-evolving landscape, shaping the future of engineering. Let’s unite to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and advance towards a sustainable tomorrow, while bolstering our country’s economy and quality of life through ESG adoption in the built environment.

Ir. Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Chiang
IEM President (2024-2025)

ENGINEER is IEM’s biggest annual event for our 50,000 members.

ENGINEER is where engineers come to upskill and knowledge share through symposiums, conferences and talks related to current issues, ESG and sustainable solutions. As an engineer myself, it is important for us to source for the latest engineering technologies; stay current with the latest brands and meet with manufacturers or suppliers. We are also working with the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisation (AFEO) which is a non-governmental body and its members are engineering institutions and organisations of the ASEAN countries.

Ir. Yau Chau Fong
IEM Deputy President (2024-2025)
Organising Chairman of ENGINEER 2024

Concurrent exhibition

MARVEX held in its 3rd edition is the Air-Conditioning, Mechanical Ventilation and Refrigeration (ACMV & R) division of ENGINEER. It is a platform to access the fast-growing market and breakthrough green technologies in the ACMV & R industry in the ASEAN region.

Concurrent Exhibition

MARVEX held in its 3rd edition is the Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation (ACMV & R) division of ENGINEER. Positioned as a premier business and trade event, MARVEX is a one-stop platform to access the fast-growing ACMV & R market and breakthrough green technologies in the ASEAN region.

A strategic alliance to fortify the industry

The collaboration between IEM, MACRA and C.I.S showcases a synergy of dedication towards delivering a much anticipated, valuable, and relevant event for the rapidly growing engineering industries.

Ir. Prof Dr. Norlida bt Buniyamin

IEM President

Peter Tan

MACRA President
(2020 – 2023)

Dato' Vincent Lim

C.I.S President

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