Peter Tan

MACRA President & Joint President of MARVEX

Empowering Excellence: Uniting at MARVEX 2023 to Shape the Future of ACMV&R / HVAC Industry!

I am humbled by the significant contributions our community has made to the ever-evolving field of ACMV&R / HVAC in the region. MARVEX 2023 is a celebration of your unwavering dedication, expertise and innovation that drive this industry forward. It provides a unique opportunity for us to convene under one roof and witness the latest showcase of the very best in mechanical engineering, air-conditioning and ventilation, demonstrating the impactful influence our work has on enhancing living and working environments. It is a place where ideas converge, and new possibilities emerge, setting the stage for a brighter and sustainable future. Let us embrace this opportunity to learn from one another, to inspire and be inspired, and to propel our industry to even greater heights.