Dato’ Vincent Lim

C.I.S President

Uniting Industries for Progress and Innovation in ASEAN

It is my privilege to address all of you and emphasise the importance of exhibitions in shaping the future of our industry. ENGINEER and MARVEX 2023 holds immense significance as they unite the Engineering and ACMV&R industry for ASEAN. This union binds us in a common pursuit of progress and sustainable practices for the future. The exhibitions will feature over 200 local and international brands from 10 countries and regions, showcasing new tech, materials and solutions. With more than 40 talk sessions spanning over 100 hours of learning, facilitated by over 120 local and international speakers, these exhibitions are evolving into a platform for the region to explore, connect, learn and unlock new possibilities. Additionally, the Malaysia’s largest engineering symposium and conference will feature 8 sessions across four days, aiming to harness the power of collaboration among professionals in the Engineering and ACMV&R fields.